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    Since towers that are once sacrificed are not refundable until the Tile Attack/Replay Tracks Attack/MvM Defense/Contested Territory is over, what towers do you think would make the best for the Miscellaneous category of the Temple sacrifices?

    Thinking about late-game, I would not want to sacrifice my Ninjas (because of 4/2 and x/4 do good for lower MOAB-class-popping power and for slowing, respectively), my Snipers (because 4/2 for nice stunning and x/4 for juicy income), my Banana Farms (because 4/2 for that juicy income), my Villages (because 4/x for helping out speed up cooldowns and 2/4 for boosting up Temples), my Spike Factories (because of 4/x being good exit-stopper and 2/4 being good anti-DDT power), my Monkey Aces (because x/4 make good emergency MOAB-poppers), or my Engineers (because x/4's Overclock helps boost Temples). So what would the most useless towers for late-game be? And whichever tower has the least effect on pushing forward in late-game is what I shall go sacrifice for my Miscellaneous category of Temple sacrifices. Maybe Dart Monkeys? Maybe Boomerang Throwers?
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.